At my work as a textile artist, I am fascinated most by joyful trying and experimenting with various materials, forms and colors. I love to create new patterns and color combinations as well as to use diverse techniques to bring materials to aesthetically pleasing forms or set them into new contexts. The driving factor and fascinating element of my work is the continuous discovery of the “new”, that is the reason why I solely create unique pieces and small series.

Inspiration for my creations is mainly the beauty of nature with its manifold treasure of forms, its richness of color and play of light. Exciting materials, patterns, structures, objects and techniques, but also interesting thoughts, phenomena and circumstances as well as fairy tales and stories inspire my creative process.

For my textile jewelry objects I use textile materials like hand-printed and dyed fabric, silk, wool, Artistic Wire Mesh, elastic ribbons and various threads, yarns and cords as well as diverse textile techniques like threading, looping, knotting, sewing, embroidering, weaving, printing etc. I love to include fabric and pearls from other cultures into my work. At the moment my special preference is to work with Artistic Wire Mesh, a mesh made of dyed copper wire, which is perfect to create filigree, light and tender jewelry objects. I also find it very interesting to include non-textile materials like metal, stone, resin and glass into my work.


October 13

Diploma in Painting and Creative Therapy

April 05

MA in Textile Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
MA in Geography and Economics at the University of Vienna

July 01

MA in Spatial Research and Regional Planning at the University of Vienna

My Studio

This place tempts me into a flow I can hardly stop…

Becoming absorbed of the world of colors and patterns through screen and stamp printing. Subsequently the textiles are further processed to smaller accessories or pieces of jewelry.

Small excerpt of my collection of pearls from around the world made of textile, ceramic, glass, wood, resin and metal.

Bust Karolina helps me to adapt jewelry objects body-accurately.

Rest and relaxation. The best ideas emerge during sleeping 😊

Past Events

December 2023
Weihnachstquartier im Museumsquartier, Design Market Vienna

July 2022

Webermarkt Haslach 22, Austria

June, July 2015

17th International Minitextile exhibition “Memory of textile”, Bratislava, Slovakia und Prague, Czech Republic

September – October 2011

7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures “Vanish/Survive”, Vilnius, Lithuania

December 2010

Schräger Advent, Designmarkt, Schönberg am Kamp, Austria

December 2009

WeihnachtsQuartier im MuseumsQuartier, Design market, Vienna, Austria

October-November 2008

SOFT 3, International Exhibition for fashion accessories, Barcelona, Spain

July-September 2008

Textile Kultur Haslach, exhibition “zwischenräume(n)”, Haslach, Austria

September-November 2007

17th International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art “filare il tempo”  Miniartextil, Como, Italy

July, August 2007

3rd European Textile and Fibre Art Triennial  “Global Intrigue”, Latvian National Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

June 2007

Third Intern. Exhibition of Mini Textile Art, Kherson, Ukraine

June-July 2007

HGA´s Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids, Make A Grand Entrance Art Fashion Show and Exhibit, Michigan, USA